New Canon software lets you use your digital camera as a high-resolution webcam solution

I probably wouldn’t go out and buy a high-end Canon camera just for use with video conferencing, but if you already have a quality camera for your photography or video recording needs, there’s no reason not to add it to your video conferencing setup.
With millions of people now working from home and conducting video calls from their computer or mobile devices, the quality of these calls is suddenly more important than it once was. A quick check of Logitech’s website reveals that all of their business-minded webcams are out of stock due to high demand.

Canon wants to help.

The renowned camera maker has launched the EOS Webcam Utility Beta which, using a single USB cable, can turn your compatible Canon EOS interchangeable lens camera or PowerShot camera into a dedicated webcam compatible with your Windows 10 PC.

As you can see, going from a standard webcam to a higher-end Canon digital camera for your web camera creates a night and day difference.