Brit tourist arrested in Thailand for ‘throwing wife off balcony’ during lockdown

A British tourist has been arrested in Thailand after allegedly throwing his wife off a balcony.

The woman survived the devastating fall from their seventh floor apartment in Rayong, in the east of the country.

The 56-year-old woman was lucky to have survived the alleged attack, which she says happened when her husband was ‘stressed because of the coronavirus lockdown’.

She told police her English husband, 46, had thrown her over the balcony while they were arguing.

Paramedics had arrived and treated the injured woman at the scene.

Sukanda fell between one and two levels, landing on a protruding flat roof from a building opposite, which luckily broke her fall and saved her life.

The distressed woman was still conscious and rushed to hospital on a stretcher to be treated for her injuries.

Officers spent more than two hours trying to talk round the Brit, who had barricaded himself inside the apartment overlooking the sea.

A man was pictured sitting on the white balcony with his hands clasped together while appearing to pray.

Neighbours eventually helped police to force their way into the flat and the man was arrested.

Police said that the injured wife is being kept in hospital after suffering a fractured hip and dislocated arm in the fall.

The Brit told officers he was stressed because flights back to the UK have been cancelled and he was unable to return to his homeland due to coronavirus.

He was allegedly agitated at having to stay in the apartment all the time – complying with Thailand’s strict travel ban, 10pm curfew and closure of bars.

He admitted to arguing with his wife.

Police Major Narongsak Trairat, Deputy Governor of the Ban Chang district police station, said officers were now waiting to interview the wife.

He said: “The emergency call was made at approximately 2.30pm reporting that a foreigner was quarreling with his Thai wife.

“They said that the wife fell down from the condo on the 7th floor and was badly injured, while the foreigner was on the balcony and suffering with insanity.”

The police chief said that they found neighbours in the apartment block to communicate with the Brit and after two hours he started to relax.

Police Major Narongsak added: “The English man said that he started arguing with his wife because he was stressed that he was locked down and could not go back to the country because of the pandemic.

“Police officers detained the suspect at the Ban Chang police station and waited for him to calm himself before investigating and collecting evidence for further proceedings.”

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is advising against all but essential travel anywhere in the world.

Thailand has also issued an emergency decree banning all foreign nationals from entering or transiting through the country.